How Angela Ahrendts Is Leading Me In Youth Ministry Part 2

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May 11th, 2014

Our good friend Brooklyn Lindsey continues her two-part post about what Apple's Angela Ahrendts has taught her about youth ministry. You can view PART 1 HERE.

How Angela Ahrendts Is Leading Me In Youth Ministry – PART 2

CLICK HERE to view qualities 1-5 from PART 1.

Vic-President Quality #6

Negativity isn't found in Angela's intensity. She isn't a pressure leader. She is a possibility leader. She shares big news with her team first. She thinks of them before she thinks of herself.

Youth Pastor Quality #6

She is full of positivity. Even when changes are needed. Even when things don't go as planned. Even if the tide shifts in an unexpected direction, she looks into the future with God's potential in her pocket. She is living the great commandment to love God and love others with the same intensity. If that is her goal, she will struggle to be negative in anything she does. Because she will be less than we in her mind.

Vice-President Quality #7

Angela usually has one main message: “Thank you.” She does a weekly video update to her large team and she treats that as just as important as a meeting with high level execs.

Youth Pastor Quality #7

Youth pastors spend a lot of time working on and preparing for those times when we get to communicate with our leaders. We get creative. We send videos. We make it easy for them to hear from us. We say thank you. Again and again.

Vice-President Quality #8

She puts a project before her team. Occasionally, at Burberry, Angela would make a request: “If you make a personal call to one customer today, if you all do this, we all win.”

Youth Pastor Quality #8

The youth pastor knows her top priority. She focuses her team and her students on that by giving them something to do. She inspires meaningful cooperation and participation because she sees the win and sees the win being accomplished together.

Vice-President Quality #9

She has a routine—a pattern for alone time. No leader can lead on empty. For Angela, it's reading, a bath before work, rest and focus. It's time spent in the pages of Maya Angelou and John Maxwell.

Youth Pastor Quality #9

The youth pastor makes space every day to recover for some time. To pour out requires equal pouring in. All of us have different nozzles for the filling. Mine is exercise, being outdoors, reading, listening to music. It's time spent in the pages of The Gospels, in the book of James, with Kathy Escobar, Gary Haugen, Tsh Oxenreider, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Donald Miller, Reggie Joiner, and Michael Hyatt.

Vice-President Quality #10

Her job is to be a brilliant brand ambassador. She doesn't sell. Her vocation is to build an amazing brand experience that brings natural effects.

Youth Pastor Quality #10

Youth ministry isn't about selling Jesus. It's about seeing Jesus and knowing Jesus and doing everything we can to be an ambassador in experiences built around Jesus. It's a vision to create an environment that champions spiritual formation and family. As we do this, we advocate for the church and continue to be the messengers of God's good story that we were called to be committed to from the start. Created in God's image and bearing it—we become the experience and we share it with others. The natural side effects are too many to count.


What can you learn from the successful people around you?

Brooklyn is a youth pastor, writer, and communicator who lives in Florida with her husband and daughters. You can learn more about her ministry, resources, events, and connect socially on her website. www.brooklynlindsey.com

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