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July 29th, 2016

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A couple of days ago my family and I decided to visit our local theme park, Busch Gardens, where we frequently visit with our annual passes. We wanted to try out one of their new thrilling rides called Falcon’s Fury. This ride ascends very slowly in an upright position where you are totally harnessed in your seat, but with your feet dangling in the air. As you are taken up, into the heavens, (at least that’s what it felt like) you pause at 335 feet and your seat tilts forward smoothly at 90 degrees, allowing you the opportunity to dive into a free fall face down, hurling towards the concrete below you. The free fall lasts a mere 6 seconds before you are transitioned back into an upright sitting position. As I stated on my Facebook page immediately following this adventure, I realized that I had almost died! Thankfully my harness did not malfunction in midair and I was safely walking on my two feet again… maybe a little unbalanced, but I managed.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m going to think twice, maybe even three times before getting on that ride again. The anticipation was worse than the ride itself, but after all my experiences, life circumstances, and loss of equilibrium (I hear that happens as you age), whatever passion I had for an adrenaline rush, is slowly fading with a preference for security over uncertainty. This reminds me a lot about ministry, and life in general. The time in your life when you find out your calling is to be a teacher, or a Pastor who starts a church in the inner city; when you realize your purpose is to work at your neighborhood community center or start a juvenile detention center ministry at your church. It’s that time when you wholeheartedly believe you know what you are supposed to be doing. You say to yourself, and maybe even out loud, “I was born for this.” It’s an exciting time and you are ready for the adventure, and for what God has in store for you. Each step you take, every moment, is taken in stride with confidence because you know God has sent you, and He is with you.

As you slowly begin to ascend to this new level of ministry, your experiences change and you see things differently. Little by little you inch your way to the top. To the top of your journey where you anticipate receiving affirmation, validation, or at least the confirmation you deserve. After all, you have done your due diligence.You go above and beyond with a child who needs additional assistance. You seek God in the Word and in prayer as you prepare your weekly messages that you hope will penetrate hearts. You go to work and shine God’s light to those who are unwelcoming and unloving towards you. As God is using you, you can’t wait to get to the top where you will be seen and known, where you will scream ,“I was born to do this!”

But then there is a pause.

You pause when you’ve been diagnosed with a serious condition. You pause when you take a hit financially. You pause when words of insult are slung towards you. You pause when the people stop coming to church. These pauses leave some deep wounds and blurry vision. The view from the top isn’t as clear, and you can’t seem to make out what’s in front of you, leaving you feeling uncertain about what is next. Before you know it, you find yourself falling face down about to hit rock bottom. For a moment, you were ready to give up. You thought God must’ve made a mistake. I’m not the one for this job. A million thoughts go through your head, and ever so slowly and gently, you find yourself once again sitting upright.You realize you had been in God’s secure arms all that time. You muster up your courage and stand up on your own two feet again.

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Being effective in difficult circumstances and during setbacks is what will enact change and propel you forward and towards your next ride. It’s all part of your calling, and then you remember… I am born for this.

You were born to walk by faith and not by sight.

lucyLucy Kyllonen serves at Crossover Church, a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church in Tampa, Florida. Lucy came to Florida by way of Queens, NY where she was raised. She attended Southeastern University and graduated with a BA in Psychology and went on to complete her Master’s in Mental Health counseling at USF. Before joining the church staff in 2003, she worked with teens in various professional settings since 1994.

Youth Specialties

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