Idea Swap: The Best Fundraisers Ever

Jacob Eckeberger
June 7th, 2017

This week, we gathered a handful of YS Blog Authors and Youth Ministry Leaders from around the U.S. to share their most successful fundraising ideas in a Hangout On Air. We get asked about fundraising ideas more often than almost anything else, and this group of youth workers, spanning small churches to large churches, opened up about what has worked for them, what hasn’t, and tips for how to recognize a good fundraising idea when you come across it. Check out the conversation below:

The panel included these brilliant folks:

Here are 3 more past blog posts about fundraisers that will be helpful for you as well:

jacob-eckeberger_200_200JACOB ECKEBERGER is the Content Manager at Youth Specialties, an itinerant worship leader, the spouse of a church planter, and a long time volunteer youth worker. You can find him blogging about social media and digital strategy ideas at JACOBECKEBERGER.COM.


Jacob Eckeberger

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