An Interview with Chrystal Evans Hurst

Jacob Eckeberger
October 16th, 2017

Maina Mwaura sat down for an interview with Chrystal Evans Hurst, the eldest daughter of Dr. Tony and Lois Evans. Chrystal is a gifted speaker,  worship leader, and author, with her latest book, “She’s Still There: Rescuing the Girl in You.” Read the interview below:

Okay, you’re from a pretty influential family but who is Chrystal Evans Hurst? 

I’m a daughter of the king, wife, mom, and grandmother and servant of the king. There’s Godly royalty running through my bones which makes me the daughter of the king. Being an Evans is all that I have ever known and I’m thankful for that.

How did you decide that you wanted to go into ministry/teaching?

I didn’t really, I helped my dad with kingdom women, my dad invited me to write a backdoor entry. After that I felt like God calling me to join Him in on the invitation to go into ministry. 

I’ve interviewed a good number of pastor kids and many of them are pretty guarded, what has made you not be the typical pastor’s kid? 

Well, I have a public story. I have a built-in past. Its easier to fill in the blanks of life when your life is public. I had a baby out of wedlock. I believe that I was built to be open. 

You say in the book that if one could be brave enough, a uniquely beautiful life can be there’s. Can you explain that?

I run into a lot of people who have given up, they think there stuck on the long haul and there not. You do have to do the work in finding yourself to have a uniquely beautiful life.

What do you say to critics who think life should be easy for you because you’re the daughter of Dr. Tony Evans?

Well, I would say that my family can’t give me everything, in fact, no family can give us everything that we need in life. I would also say that because people may think I should have it together they should listen to what I have to say, being that I have made mistakes in my life even in being apart of the Evans family. 

How did you “wrestle for the win”?

Most wrestling happens on the ground, which is why we should try not to stay there. Anyone can wrestle there way back from the ground. You have to find the one thing that will move you forward from the ground. Every little step that you take matters. 

Why is it important to take the trip through our own narratives? 

Our lives are all a story. God is always working. He is writing a story. Take stock of your story to see where God is taking you. For my life God is always taking me through hard things to show Himself to me. 

How do you balance life with five kids?

I am trying to rediscover rhythm and balance its easier with rhythm and routine. Early to rise and a quiet time during the day to work. I have decided to not allow our schedules to run us. I am at home three days a week and say no to most things during those three days. 

Did you say everything that you wanted to say in your latest book “She’s Still There“?

No, I gave them 75,000 words. They wanted 50,000 so I gave them 71,000 words instead. There’s more to say!

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Jacob Eckeberger

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