Is God A Pyro?

January 13th, 2010

“God’s a pyro,” my 14 year old daughter Emma said one night. “How is that?” “Well He sets fire to our hearts so we’re fired up for God.” Then she softly added, “And he set fire to our house too.” I sat with that for a second, and since our house completely burned on Christmas Day I asked, “Do you feel closer to God since the fire?” “Yes, I do.” “Well then His plan worked.”

Since that conversation, I’ve been thinking about God as a pyro. I think God uses people to light others on fire. He lights a fire in the heart of someone gifted in igniting others. It’s like Christmas Eve at church when the church has a candlelight service. He lights one person who in turn lights at least one more person, if not several more. Those that are lit then light others.

Some way, for some reason, God has used the fire to bring us closer to him. Two of my daughters said our house burned they are definitively closer to God. I can say that I do too.

I see the hand of God all over that day and since. Be careful what you pray for… I’ve been trying to give control to God for a long time. I’ve been praying about it, and as a result of the fire I’ve had no control over my life. I’ve had to fully trust God and He’s come through. We left our house twenty minutes before the call went into the fire department.

We barely missed being home. I left my cell phone in the house, and my phone number was the first number they came up with. It took much longer to find my husband’s cell number. We pulled up not to a house on fire, where we’d have to stand helplessly by and watch, but to fire trucks packing up and leaving. It wasn’t a pretty sight: Every window was broken; curtains were hanging out the windows or lying on the lawn. It was dark and dirty looking, not at all the house we’d left only a few hours before.

Our neighbors let us stay with them till we found a place to stay for the night. They let us into their house where they were with extended family. Our pastor came by and when his wife asked what we needed the magnitude of it all hit me. We had nothing but our cars and the clothes on our backs.

Within an hour we had a place to stay, clothes, toiletries, food, beds, and bedding. We had every thing we needed.

Well almost. As I stepped out of the shower the next morning the first thought that came to my mind was I don’t have a hairbrush! God has used the fire to bless us with friends we never knew we had. He’s blessed us with a caring community. People we don’t even know have come forward with help. It’s been an amazing experience. Through this some how I’ve arrived on the mountain top. I have truly never been closer to God, and I have that retreat or camp spiritual high.

God is a pyro, and I thank Him that He is


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