Isaiah 40:29

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November 17th, 2010

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weakIsaiah 40:29 

Today is a big day for the National Youth Workers Convention.

Months and months of preparation have lead us to Wednesday, November 17th. Truckloads of freight arrives from all over the globe. Dozens of our friends arrive to volunteer their time and heart to serve youth workers. And dozens of production people get started with their monumental task. (These are people who do stage stuff, lighting, video, sound, and fly a magical blimp.)

It's a bit of an emotional day for our staff as we need a very complex sequence of events to happen in sequence. It's emotional in the sense that its the culmination of all that work coupled with all the stress of it working out just right.

It's also an emotional day for us because we know thousands of youth workers are on the move. Some are traveling to the area today while others have to teach and lead youth group tonight so they will travel tomorrow. We can't think of youth workers coming to convention and not be emotional. It tugs at the fabric of who we are each day, to the core of our being.

As I think of all that is happening today, I think of that verse above. “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” O Lord, let that be true today!

Today, our muscles will grow weary. Today we will be asked to have strength in ways we don't have strength every day. And we also know that many youth workers are coming to us weary. The job is tiring. The job is hard. The job is sometimes painful.

Our only advice: Come to NYWC and find rest. Come and worship. Come and listen to the voice of God in quiet places. Come and learn from others. Come and get revitalized.

Why? Because the work we do in the lives of students is important. It might be difficult but it is vital.

Youth Specialties

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