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April 26th, 2016

If you have kids, then you’ll understand the season of Why? Around the time they turn three, kids often begin following up every conversation with “Why?” I love how their minds are absorbing every little detail and looking to learn more. However, as we grow, there are fewer times we ask this question. This is especially true when it comes to theology. For some reason, churches and families sometimes create a culture where asking questions becomes unacceptable. I suggest we never stop asking questions. For me, it’s in the asking that I find answers or see someone else’s perspective more clearly. Here are a few subjects I think we should be having conversations about in youth ministry:

  1. LGBT people and their place in our churches
  2. Faith and science—especially the topic of creation
  3. How we should care for our creation
  4. Social justice and Jesus
  5. Missions
  6. Women in ministry

If we don’t allow space for our students to ask questions, they’ll begin to think we have something to hide—or that we don’t know anything. Worse, they may believe we’re against everything. If we’re not careful, we can create a youth ministry where doubting and questioning is off limits.

My encouragement is not to be afraid of the why questions. Let these pull us toward solid biblical study and healthy conversations with people on both sides of an issue. May we find “in essentials unity, non-essentials liberty, and in all things charity.”

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Nick SteinloskiNick Steinloski is the Student Ministries Pastor at Bethany Community Church in Seattle, WA. During his ten years on staff the church has grown to six campuses. With 25 years of youth ministry experience Nick continues to be passionate about reaching and equipping students.

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