Laurie Polich Short’s Youth Ministry Story

Jacob Eckeberger
July 16th, 2015

I had the privilege of chatting with youth worker and author Laurie Pollich Short about the incredible importance of soul care for youth workers. Laurie is most known for long history of speaking nationally and her contribution to the Studies on the Go resources. Her latest book, Finding Faith in the Dark, takes a different turn with a powerful reflection of God’s work in the most difficult parts of her faith story.

There were a lot of powerful moments in my interview with Laurie, but here are just 3 ideas she shared that were eye-opening for me:

When things get messy, it’s a real temptation to fake perfection.

We tend to give our testimony after our story is resolved but Laurie shared that our testimonies matter so much more when we choose to hold on in the middle of all the mess. If we choose to trust God with that kind of testimony, it can speak volumes to the ministries we lead and the people we serve.

Keep yourself connected.

Sometimes we can create a facade of ourselves that is far more connected with God for the sake of our ministry when our true selves are disconnected from God. For Laurie, it all comes down to knowing that God is either in control or he’s not and by choosing to create a façade of ourselves, we’re not trusting God with the process. It’s impossible to imagine how God will use some of the stuff that happens in our lives but if we stay connected with God, we can lean into him for the process.

There’s a theology found in the middle of the story.

Laurie shared that we tend to end our story too early when God’s not done. Things might not happen in the timeline we have in mind but God is still at work and holding onto your faith in the middle of the mess is where the most powerful testimonies come from.

Check out the full interview below:

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Jacob Eckeberger

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