Living the Lexus Life: Five Ways to Live Big on Ministry Pay

Jacob Eckeberger
August 26th, 2016

In today’s world, money is everything. Keeping up with the latest gadgets, restaurants, and trends can really take a toll on your wallet. It seems that the more you make, the more you need. As a single guy in ministry, I’ve come up with some tricks to stretch my dollar and live a bigger lifestyle within my means.

  1. Don’t drive a Lexus.

Driving a Lexus may seem a necessity if you wish to live the Lexus life, but don’t be deceived. The idea here is to live the Lexus life—not to drive a Lexus. Life is more than cars. Look for two key factors in a car: low gas mileage and paid off. I know a 2006 Dodge Neon with peeling paint and stains isn’t the most fashionable, but neither is 30k in consumer debt. The key to a Lexus life is freedom from financial burden.

  1. Cook.

Yes, you must cook. Two tacos for $7.00? Are they made of gold? As a single guy, finding a way to steward my food budget had been a challenge. Cooking for one takes far too long, and I end up with way too many leftovers. Eating out is pricy. My solution? Instead of cooking for one, I cook for fourteen. I set aside three hours a week to make myself at least fourteen ready meals, commonly known as TV dinners. By creating my own ready meals, I’ve been able to save time and money each week, and I eat much healthier.

  1. Limit the cord.

“Cut the cord” is a bit too harsh—the better word is limit. Social media and Netflix can lead to wanting more and living less—two things not conducive to a Lexus life. Limiting your media also can save some serious dough. Media bills add up. Cut them back.

  1. Live cheap.

Find the cheapest place in the best location. Get roommates. Limit your bills. Yes, I know these suggestions don’t seem glamorous. However, when you start adding dollars back into your monthly budget, your better life will start coming together. Roommates can be incredibly annoying—however, they can teach you to be a better person. Confront issues as things come up, hold each other accountable, and grow.

  1. Find new hobbies.

Find some time to discover new hobbies—preferably ones that cut your expenses. Some small money saving hobbies I’ve found are making my own laundry soap, thrift-store shopping for trends, reading for fun (crazy right), and Friday-night board game parties. Start limiting the places your money goes by finding new free or money-saving hobbies.

Once you learn that a Lexus life is more about the life than the Lexus, things will start shaping up. Beyond budget, a key factor in staying happy on a ministry salary is keeping your focus on Christ. I trust that Christ called you into ministry, and I know he calls everyone to come and die daily. Part of this calling is leaving your worldly desires behind and following him. “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it” (Matthew 16:25).

What money-saving tips do you have to offer?

frank colarussoFrank Colarusso is striving to daily lay down his life and follow Christ. As recovering foodie, when he isn’t taking full advantage of creation at summer camp he can be found serving the church in Dallas, Texas. Follow him on Instagram at @speakingquitefrankly.

Jacob Eckeberger

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