Losing Control And Loving It

January 13th, 2010

Losing control is one of the greatest fear for individuals. However, I believe that for us (Ministers to students ) to be effective we must lose control. My challenge to you is the following: Lose control so you can grow in ministry. 

It has taken me along time but I am finally becoming comfortable in “losing control”. For awhile, I felt like I needed to “control” what occurred in “my” ministry ( like it is my ministry in the first place ). However, since I have been at Discovery, I am finally letting the grips of control go. I am giving individuals ( volunteers ) a very long leash ( if any leash at all ).

It has been amazing to see my leaders go to work. It is refreshing. I am no longer concerned or worried. Losing control has been the best thing that has happened to me and my ministry. Here are a few examples of control being lost.

Angie and Chrystal have been given full reign of the high school small group ministry on sunday night. Within the Sunday night concept, we have a dinner and worship. Stacey is handling the dinner. She takes care of all the details and provides our 30 high school students and adults with a great meal. Karen leads the worship efforts and worship is diverse each week. We have a different band coming in each week and playing and leading our students in worship. If I was in control, our Sunday night would not look wired for them to vision, dream and implement the ministry as they see fit. The only limitation that I have given them is to stay within the framework of our student ministry vision.

On Wednesday nights, Marti and Ron do a fantastic job with our middle school students and love them unconditionally and help them in the journey. They are truly developing a space and time where students can journey with them and develop faith for a lifetime. Their commitment and faithfulness is unmatched and the ministry is blessed way beyound what I could be doing if I were in control.

My ACTS team is really taking off and about to soar to a new level. My ACTS team is led by Suanne. A woman of passion and love for organization. She oversees four individuals, Ron, Katherine, Reginna and Sue . Each one of them oversees one of our philosophy areas. (Attract, Connect, Transform and Send). The events and ministries that they are planning are truly an enhancement to my ministry.

With these individuals, willing to work and serve, and myself willing to “lose control” over numerous areas of ministry, I am able to expand in different areas. I am now working with middle school students on Friday night for an outreach night and a parent ministry that is just starting. In the near future, I will lose control of the Friday night ministry.

It was not always like that though. I used to be an individual that felt I needed to do everything. I am not sure why. I think there are a few reasons that always popped up in my head …

1. I can do it better, so I am going to do it.

2. If I am not doing the teaching, leading the ministries, or at the event … will people think that I am not doing my job.

3. The kids may like them better and not respect me or see me as the leader.

The list may be able longer and I am sure there are numerous ideas that you could add to it in your situation and context. But, over the last two years, I have decided to turn things over. I no longer need to be the front person. I do not need to be a one person show. I have decided that it is much healthier for me, my leaders and my ministry if I am not the center piece. It is not about me and I had to give up the contol.

Since giving up control, I have seen a lot of great things occur.  Thanks to my team, I am able to have “less of a burden”. My role is switching to aspiring people to take leadership, encouraging them to be bold and allowing them to take risk. I am 'freed' to dream and vision. I have the flexibility to observe ministires and give advice on how to improve. I also have the blessing of just being there and being with the students and adults without the “spotlight” shining on me.

Journey with me, lose control and allow God to use you to bless others so they can enhance the ministry of the church.


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