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December 6th, 2010


Martin Luther is HottMartin Luther is the father of youth ministry. 
Well, not hardly. But Jeremy Zach fell in love with Luther's writings during seminary and hypothesizes a few things Luther would want youth workers to know. 
1. Reforming and changing
Luther deeply believed the religion system was not working, there are problems so therefore, there needs to be a change. Luther held to history and didn’t compromise Truth when he reformed the many doctrines of the church. Luther thought it was not a bad idea to make a few updates to a few old systems. So you now have permission from Luther to start trying different things.
5. Lead The Way
Don’t hesitate to be a leader. It doesn’t matter if you have it all figured out; just lead. Luther, had a fierce, but contagious personality. What really inspires me about Luther is that he just went for it. This dude questioned the doctrine of indulgences. Who did that in the 16th century? No one. Luther had a firm stance in his works and theology and was on a mission to convince everyone else he was right. At the Diet of Worms in 1521, Luther is put on trail in a sense. The empire puts Luther to the test by asking him to recant all of his work. Luther rejects this proposal. ”I neither can nor will recant anything, for it is neither right nor safe to act against conscience. God help me! Amen.” Regardless if Luther is right or wrong (or you like him or don’t like him), he believed in what he was doing until his grave. I respect that!
Read the rest at Jeremy's blog, REyouthpastor.
Which reformer would you like to teach in your youth group? 
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