Meet Jeremy Del Rio

Youth Specialties
October 3rd, 2008

Over the past few years I’ve gotten a chance to interact with Jeremy Del Rio. And the more I get to know him the more I am convinced that he is someone youth workers need to get to know as well. Today I spoke with him and wanted to pass along some highlights of what he is doing in New York City.

  1. Youth ministry outside the church walls. It’s really hard to categorize what Jeremy does. His passion is to relabel and equip any Christian with meaningful contact with adolescents as a youth worker. By his estimation 50-80% of people in the pews qualify as youth workers. Think about this… for every school in your community there are likely 5 or more churches who could impact that school. His metaphor is that believers are called to be fisher of men. And where is the largest school of fish in almost every community? The school!
  2. Education is a justice issue. Each day millions of children attend schools. And yet, across the country everyone will acknowledge that the system is fundamentally broken. Check out this video that explains this well.
  3. We cannot afford to think small. Jeremy helped gather leaders from government, education, business, non-profits, and churches from all over New York City to address the fundamental failure of education with the city’s children. Together they laid aside their agendas for the sake of the kids. The 2020 Vision for Schools has the goal of reforming the public school system in one generation… the class of 2020. Next, Jeremy help bring together 1500 church leaders representing more than 200 churches in his community. There he asked church leaders to adopt a school within walking distance of their building, serve practical needs of the school, and become a presence by filling whatever need the school identifies. (Providing tutors, coaches, part time teachers, or wherever there is a need for leadership.) So far 50 churches have committed. And their goal is much, much bigger!

Let me invite you to get to know Jeremy. I hope you are as challenged and encouraged by Jeremy’s deep sense of bringing educational justice to New York City. His goal is to help churches engage more than 2 million children. 2 million kids! Head over to the 2020 Vision for Schools website. If you’re ready to jump in on the discussion of bringing the 2020 principles to your community, join the facebook group. Are you ready to dream a little bigger about your ministry?

Youth Specialties

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