Meet the NYWC 2019 Blogging Team!

Tim Balow
November 7th, 2019

The Youth Specialties team is preparing for an amazing National Youth Worker Convention this year. Some of the most experienced leaders within youth ministry will be sharing their wisdom to help us become better youth workers. 

There will be so much happening at NYWC that it becomes impossible to experience all of it. On top of that, you won’t even be able to keep up with some speakers, as everything they say is quotable. Maybe you have a few friends who couldn’t make it to NYWC, but they would love to grow from home or wherever they are. This is where the NYWC Blogging Team comes into play.

We will be attending everything, from Big Room to Deep Dives, and taking furious notes throughout the event. We will write up summaries from the talks, post quotes on Twitter, interview some speakers, and provide recaps throughout the convention. Not only will you be able to check our blogs and social media for stuff you missed, it’s also a great way to see NYWC through the minds and lens of others.

Below is the NYWC Blogging Team for 2019, along with links to their blogs and social media. Throughout the event, they will be posting on their own channels as well as the official Youth Specialties’ Blog.


Chase’s blog covers spiritual growth and leadership topics to help people live out their faith in Jesus. While he writes a lot about student ministry, there is something there for all ministry leaders.

NYWC is a highlight of Chase’s ministry calendar. He says, “The conference encourages me by connecting with other youth workers around the nation. And the Big Room sessions refresh my spirit as we worship Jesus and are poured into. I’m looking forward to another incredible year!”


Tom’s blog, YM Sidekick, is designed to help inspire and encourage student and online ministry leaders with practical tools and tips on how to reach more people for Christ in a digital and online world. 

The first youth conference Tom ever attended was NYWC in 1999 in San Diego. He says, “Growing up using Youth Specialities resources, it was a dream to hear from those youth veterans and be encouraged in ministry. Now, 20 years later, I am excited to hear from new, yet familiar, voices again and connect with new people who are in the trenches of ministry. I am really excited to be at NYWC this year.”


Kent writes regularly on his blog, Pastor2Youth, where his goal is to help youth pastors grow as Christ followers, leaders at their church, and leaders in their home. Topics range from how to build a great relationship with your senior pastor to out-of-the-box parenting resources to help them be disciple-makers in their home. Pastor2Youth.com believes in your ministry, your family, and YOU!

Kent is also excited to be a part of NYWC 2019. For him, it’s a chance to get filled up, inspired and sent out with new ideas and friends to fuel his passion to reach students in his community with the Gospel. As Kent says, “NYWC is a chance to catch up with leaders all over the country to learn from and also be encouraged by them, we are truly better together.”


While Steve’s blog began as a way to communicate with his financial supporters early in a startup church, it has evolved into a resource for other youth workers. Steve shares practical insight from student and family ministry, reviews on ministry resources, and fun recommendations. You will also find The Student Ministry Podcast there, where Steve interviews other youth workers.

Steve is particularly excited to attend and blog at NYWC 2019, because of his love for connecting with other youth workers. Steve says, “Everytime I attend an event like this, I come away with two things: Tools to grow my ministry and more connections with other youth workers. Both are fuel for me to keep going and reach more teens and families for Christ. Blogging helps me share that with others, so more can benefit.”

Just like the NYWC 2019 theme, we are in this together! We’re here to provide you with the best content summaries, quotes, interviews, and more from this year’s event. We hope to see you at NYWC, but even if you can’t make it, we hope to see you online!

Tim Balow

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