Most recent reason I was fired (or almost fired)

Youth Specialties
July 18th, 2008

We left this open question on a table at NYWC 2007. Here are some answers.

  • For letting a student pee in a water bottle so the van didn’t have to stop on the way to camp.
  • Reaching the “wrong kids.”
  • Forgetting to pay for the gas at the pump. Got pulled over by the state police.
  • I told my pastor that he was the worst thing that ever happened to the church. While it was the truth I found out that the truth does indeed set you free.
  • A student shot a red cinnamon bear out of the van at a neighboring car.
  • Because I didn’t clean the kitchen
  • Students were breaking into cars in the church parking lot
  • The music was too loud in the sanctuary
  • Couldn’t justify my salary because I was only ministering to 7 youth and 30 children
  • Poker tournament
  • Was it when I flooded the church after falling asleep while the baptistery was filling? No. Was it after leaving a student at a rest stop on purpose? No. Was it when I went behind the trustees back to make a major purchase? No. Was it that I sensed my students were apathetic and raised the bar? Yes!
  • Because I moved some crafts to another room because of dodge ball night.
  • The pastor’s wife had a crush on me
  • For teaching theology and not dumbing it down

What about you? Got a reason you were fired? (Or almost fired)

Youth Specialties

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