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September 6th, 2018

Multi-site churches are becoming more and more common.  It has become a great strategy to continue reaching more people with the Gospel.   With any strategy, contextualizing for other departments look a lot different depending on where you work.  For student ministry, the multi-site model is a different beast entirely.  Churches don’t go multi-site because it makes student ministry easier.  Student ministry is forced to adapt and figure out the best way to go after the beast that is Multi-site student ministry. 

There are many different models to go with when it comes to student ministry in a multi-site church.  There is not one clear cut winner when it comes to a model. It is more of a “whatever works for your church” mentality.  I do believe there is a way to use your staff, your resources and your time more effectively. I will share one of these ways and share practical application below.

In order to grow leaders and not robots, the team must own the ministry.  Ownership won’t happen if all they are doing is what they are told to do.  Robots don’t help the capital “C” church down the road.  In order to grow leaders, the team must feel like they can make it all happen.  There are so many tasks that need to happen on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis that it can be overwhelming and paralyzing.  If you are on the student ministry team at a multi-site church, chances are you are still trying to figure out what the best way is to get everything done that needs to get done. 

One thing that I believe works to increase ownership, use resources more wisely and create more margin for the team is when you compartmentalize the main buckets of student ministry.  Use staff more effectively and allow their strengths to be utilized in a greater way.  What if your team broke into smaller teams and focused on a specific area of ministry while the other group worked on an entirely different area of the ministry?  Here is what I mean by that.  If you have 4 people on staff for student ministry at your multi-site church, have 2 of your stronger writers focus on curriculum that all of your sites will implement and to other 2 staff members focus on a small group strategy.  The same 2 staffers could then focus on events while the other 2 focus on leader development.  This model of strategy is scalable and allow the voices of the team to be heard in specific areas of the ministry.

Focus groups within multi-site student ministry will allow ownership to take place, the ministry will get a better product in the end and each staff member will not have to do everything the ministry requires.  Breaking down the various sections of student ministry allows the team to use their time more effectively, utilize resources better and give greater ownership which will all help the team grow in the leadership capacity.

One more word on the focus group ownership strategy.  Breaking down the areas of student ministry of focus will require the team to trust each other, and be ok if its not “exactly” like they would have done it.  It will require having the entire team on the same page. It will require clarity on vision and direction.  It will require humility from everyone to make it happen well.  It will also, in my opinion, be a catalyst for your ministry! 

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