Music Review: Love By Inhabited

January 11th, 2010

By Adam McLane  Strong believable female voices are largely missing in the CCM market. While there are groups who identify well with adult females, there simply hasn’t been a band for young ladies to look up to that is on par with the best in pop music. Inhabited seeks to fill that void. Mixing pop appeal with an alternative style, Inhabited offers a fresh, hopeful sound to the marketplace with their latest album, Love.

“This new record is genuinely heartfelt,” says lead singer Sara Acker. “We have risked a lot to stay true to the music and have fought for our artistic freedom! We started working with 7 Spin because they think outside the box. They do things a little differently, and so do we.” In a market full of bland female singers thinking outside of the box is a welcome change. More than just girlie pop, Love takes listeners on a ride through real life experiences. Tragedy. Love lost. Trials. Following your dreams. These themes connect well for adolescents.

It’s tough to find a comparison for Inhabited as Love is a musically diverse album. From the ballad sound of the title track, “Love” and “Song to the Fatherless” to a throw-back to the old school favorite “Respect” as well as anthems for a generation, Love offers a diverse mixture that is sure to be a favorite with your middle school girls.


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