Napoleon Dynamite Movie Guide

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July 16th, 2004


Optional Extra:Download the Official Napoleon Dynamite Coloring Pages from the Web site. You can also serve Neapolitan ice cream (okay that’s a stretch but it’s a funny stretch). Let the youth put hot candies in their ice cream and call it the Napoleon Dynamite Sundae. You could also serve tator tots.


 Let’s start with a couple questions form the official Napoleon Dynamite Web page.

o If you could have any mythical beast as a pet, what would it be?

o If you could take any food (other than potatoes) and make it into a tot, what food would you choose?

 Do you think the movie is a comedy? Do you think some people will say it wasn’t?

 What did you think of Napoleon the first time you saw him?

 How do you think Napoleon saw himself?

o Did he think he was a dork or a nerd?

o Did he care?

 Do you think Napoleon had any nun chuck skills?

o How about poison dart skills?

o Did he have skills as an artist?

o What were his best skills?

 What is the “social order” in your high school?

o Who’s at the top? (no names)

o Where do you think Napoleon would fit in?

o Where is your place?

 In every school there seems to be the cool kids table and then everybody else. It seems like the “cool kids table” sets the “standard” yet there are a lot more normal students than there are cool kids. Why do you think it seems like the minority is charge?

 Check out: Psalm 113:1-9 God’s view of us supersedes the world’s opinion about us. God invalidates what the world thinks. Think of how many times God takes the biggest outcast and makes them leaders in his church. How many can you name? 

 The Bible shows us that Moses was an insecure man with a criminal past and a speech impediment. He tried to get out of leading the Jews out of Egypt five times, yet the images that we see have Moses standing heroically on top of the mountain. (Check out Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments.Heroes generally have faults, yet we don’t usually like seeing them. Why do you think that is? Why do you think Hollywood portrays Moses without problems?

 What was Napoleon’s biggest problem? 

o Kips? 

o Uncle Rico’s?

 Would you vote for Pedro or Summer? Why?

 Read Matthew 11:19 and Luke 5:29

o Where would Jesus be sitting in the high school lunchroom?

o Where would Jesus be sitting in your lunchroom?

o Get a few volunteers to read the attached script (at the end of this document).

 Who do you think this movie is funniest for:  former Napoleons, current Napoleons, or anti-Napoleons? Explain.

 How many movies can you name where the “outcast” gets some sort of makeover and becomes popular?

o Can you name any where the dork stays a dork through the whole movie? 

 Did Napoleon get to “un-dork” himself or is he a dork who can dance?

 Other than the cross around Uncle Rico’s neck and the statues and candles at Pedro’s house…can you think of any other religious imagery in the film? (There wasn’t any.) 

o How would you have worked in some prayer or church life? 

 How would Napoleon fit into your youth group?

 Read James 2:1-10.

o What does this say about the way we treat the Napoleons in our world?

 Do you think there’s a little Napoleon in all of us? 

 This movie may, at times, be uncomfortable to watch. It’s almost as if the writer has taken all of the Oh-I’m-Such-A-Dork-Fears that we have in high school and put them into one character.

o What’s a “Napoleon” thing about you?  The official Napoleon Dynamite website says “He’s Out To Prove He Has Nothing To Prove.” What do you think this means?

 Do you think Napoleon was happy? Explain.

 Why would Napoleon wear the boots all the time? Do you think he cared what others thought of him?

 Why do you think Deb went out to a public payphone in the middle of nowhere to call Napoleon and say she hated him?

 Jesus taught us over and over again that the last shall be first–that those who are persecuted will eventually be the ones on top.

o Do you think Napoleon felt persecuted?

o How would you explain this to Napoleon? Role play it.

 Jesus disappointed a lot of people by not living up to their expectations of what they thought the Messiah was supposed to be.

o What’s attractive to people about Christianity? Explain

o What’s unattractive? Explain.

 God often lets us go though hard times so we can learn something that we’ll need to use down the line in our lives. What do you think Napoleon will take with him from high school?

 In the end of the movie it seemed everyone was finally allowed to be happy.

o Where do you think Napoleon will be in twenty years?

o Pedro?

o Deb?

o Kip?

o Uncle Rico? 


Napoleon Dynamite Meets Jesus

Setting:The high school lunchroom: Napoleon is eating and Jesus comes over with a Styrofoam tray.

Jesus: Can I sit here?

Napoleon: I guess.

Jesus: Thanks

Napoleon: You’re Jesus, right?

Jesus: That’s right.

Napoleon: So you can do that whole walk on the water thing?

Jesus: Yes.

Napoleon: Sweet.

Jesus: Yeah.

Napoleon: Did you ever fight Satan or any other creatures from Hell?

Jesus: (looks at him while chewing)

Napoleon: Sweet. Are you going to eat your tots?

Jesus: No.

Napoleon: Can I have them?

Jesus: Sure.

Napoleon: (reaches over and takes Jesus’ tots and puts them in is pocket)

Jesus: You can have more.

Napoleon. Jesus, I already took ’em all.

Jesus. No you didn’t.

Napoleon. That’s a cool trick. Did you do that?

Jesus: Yes

Napoleon. Sweet. 

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