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September 16th, 2011

I was so inspired by the stories my pastor shared this last Sunday about the incredible passion and vision several area pastors had to impact the city of Duluth. Maybe some of you have heard the term “neighboring” before? Well, the idea is to simply take the scripture “loving your neighbor” and put it into practical and easy action. Something like 40 churches in our area are teaching message series this month about how to love your neighbor. The potential impact in our city gave me goosebumps. The incredible thing is that the whole idea was backed and approved by our mayor and the city council. Pretty cool stuff.

Anyhow, one of the exercises that Pastor Ryan had us do on Sunday was to write the names of our neighbors on a hand-out with the image below on it. We were to put their names on the grey houses and then fill them in with details of their family members and also their hopes and dreams. It was a pretty eye-opening for me. I can do so much better than I am currently at being a Christ-like neighbor.

During the exercise I looked over at my daughter's paper and saw that she had written “locker buddies” on the top of her page. At first, I was disappointed that she didn't know any of our neighbor's names, but then I thought to myself… “Wha-la! That's a great idea!” What if student ministry networks got together and did the same thing but with a focus on students that kids locker next to or sit by in class? The impact could – again – be huge!

Here's a video to give you a better idea of the whole concept. I absolutely love it!

For more information, visit the Building Blocks web site.

Youth Specialties

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