Non-mentor Mentorships

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May 13th, 2010

I have recently done some seminars on the issue of mentorship.  In particular, mentoring college age people.  In these seminars I describe some major shifts a Non-mentor Mentor makes from the traditional idea of “mentoring.” I believe these shifts are necessary to make in ministry with college age people.  These are not a complete abandonment of what we traditionally think of “mentorship” being, but they are shifts nonetheless.  I'll issue 3 of those shifts here.  How do you compare?


  1. Shift: From Information to Imparting Wisdom. The shift is moving away from our tendency to view mentorship as giving information and moving toward a focus on helping one another live out the information we already know.
  2. Shift: From Fixing to Mutual Fascination. The shift here is moving away from viewing a college age person as someone who needs to be “fixed” – or as a project that we need to move toward completion – and moving toward a relationship where the mentor and mentee are simply fascinated with what God is doing in one another’s lives.
  3. Shift: From Teaching to Mutual Transformation. The shift here is moving away from the mentor simply making sure their conclusions (or the church they attend) are being known by the mentee and moving toward a relationship where both are being transformed by the way God is using each in the other’s life.  It’s a movement from conversation focused on conclusions to walking together in/through daily life as followers of Jesus.
Youth Specialties

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