How NOT to Handle Conflict

Youth Specialties
October 17th, 2017

Let’s face it: conflict is going to happen, especially in churches.

Whether it’s between you and your senior pastor, a volunteer and the parent of “that kid,” or the elders and the church secretary, conflict can happen, will happen and is happening in our churches. We’re excited to have a handful of youth workers guiding us through ways we can respond to conflict at this year’s NYWC seminar: “People Can Suck: How to Handle Conflict and Still Lead Well.” Kent Bjurstrom, one of our speakers for this NYWC seminar, gave us some great examples of what NOT to do in this video:


Register today for NYWC and plan on joining us for this seminar as we look at proactive and healthy ways to handle church conflict, how to prevent conflict and how to lead well in the midst of conflict. We’ll see you in Memphis!

Youth Specialties

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