NYWC June Conference Call

Youth Specialties
June 11th, 2009

[It’s a big file, it might take a while to load.] Above is the video from yesterday’s video conference call with Mark Matlock. Each month leading up to this Fall’s National Youth Workers Convention I’m hosting a conference call with someone from the leadership of NYWC. This month, Mark started off by talking about Open Space Saturday as well as the Real World Parents presenter training. The hope is that people who watch it will see our heart for the event and get to ask questions about NYWC. It’s a combined vision casting, customer service, travel agent, brainstorming session. So far, the first two have gone really well! During the call itself– the room where we shoot the webcast is a lot of fun in the way that a three ring circus is fun. The speaker sits in an empty room and “has a conversation” with a camera while I feed that person questions from live chat, email, and synthesizing the conversation between the chat and what the speaker is saying. Behind the camera is another staff person who is helping us not say anything too stupid… like promising people who register that we’ll give them a puppy. The time goes by quickly and the whole experience is fun. For us it’s fun to get instant feedback on ideas! Yesterday, Mark would say something and 5-6 people would type in the chat area something like… “Oh, I really like that. Awesome!We are planning a July conference call. But we have no idea what the topic is or who is talking yet. What would you like the conference call to be about?

Youth Specialties

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