NYWC registration is open!

Youth Specialties
May 5th, 2010


Our team, both the folks in San Diego and the folks in Minneapolis, are super excited to announce that registration for NYWC 2010 is open.  Come one and come all to the greatest show on earth. Er, that's the circus. Nevermind.

This is my second go-round with planning the convention. I'm still amazed at the process! There are literally hundreds of hours that go into the convention before a single person is registered to attend. We prayed for and planned out about this thing for months. Speakers, bands, hotels, and a plethora of other details. Thank God for Tic. He loves all of that stuff.

With the new website ready, brochures hitting mailboxes soon, a video coming out next week, and our customer service team trained and charged up– we are officially ready to welcome registering your team and answering any question about the convention you may have.

For our team today it's a celebration! We pause here (for a brief moment!) and recognize all the hard work that has gone into getting us this far. Great job everyone!

As the weeks go by, I'll share plenty about NYWC. For now, please feel free to leave a comment with any question about NYWC you may have.

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