NYWC Sacramento Recap

Youth Specialties
October 14th, 2008

If I could summarize the feeling of my coworkers this morning into a single phrase, it would be invigorated exhaustion. As much as this weekend filled us with excitement, filling us with energy, it was also a weekend where the whole team gave as much as they could and are completely tired. Of course, I’m a huge fan of NYWC! So rather than sharing my reflections, here are some things about Sacramento from the blogosphere.

  • Tim and Andrew both offered video recaps, highlighting likes and dislikes as well as sharing things they learned.
  • Amber, Kurt, and I shared our experiences riding the magical mechanical unicorn in the exhibit hall.
  • Sarah wrestled with all of the challenging content and Dan shares some quick insights on stuff he did.
  • A lot of people were excited about speed dating, here’s Abby’s two sentence thoughts.
  • Marko took a 24 excursion from Sacramento to our Convencion Internacional in Dallas.
  • Jonas got to meet some of our speakers and Lily and Jonathan, our speakers, got to meet some of her favorite people.

It was a great weekend and the perfect kick-off to our fall convention season. As Trinity shared, “Change is in the air around here, and seeing as the wind is blowing a lot things are getting russled about.Did you blog about Sacramento and I missed you? Share your reflections, links, or comments.

Youth Specialties

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