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April 25th, 2010

In just a few minutes, Kristen is taking me to the airport for the first leg of my West Coast road trip. Here's the rundown of where I'll be.

  • Sunday – San Jose. Lunch with a long-time youth worker friend, dinner with some folks in Livermore.
  • Monday – Tic and I are doing two meet-ups in the San Francisco Bay area. Between which we're picking up my travel partner, Shawn Michael Shoup.
  • Tuesday – Spending the day with Joel, a youth worker in Albany, Oregon.
  • Wednesday – Hosting a meet-up of Portland area youth workers and doing dinner with a few youth worker friends.
  • Thursday – Going up to Plain, Washington to spend the day with a group of youth workers from Youth Dynamics.
  • Friday – Hosting a meet-up of Seattle area youth workers for lunch at Seattle Pacific University and a BBQ for dinner up in Burlington.
  • Saturday – Ditch our rental at the airport, Shawn flies home to South Dakota, I fly to Orange County, California to meet-up with my family.
  • Sunday – The kids and I cheer on mommy as she finishes the Orange County half marathon. And then drive home.

What's the goal? Shawn, Tic, and I would like to meet-up with as many youth workers as we possibly can in a week. Whether it's at one of our scheduled meet-ups or in-between one… that's our goal. Some of them will be meetings, some of them will be meals, and some will be just meeting at a rest stop to chat about ministry over a cup of coffee. 

How can I get involved? Please RSVP for one of our scheduled meet-ups if we're going to be in your area. If you go to register and tickets aren't available, please just show up! We will make room for you. If you want to try to meet-up on our way through the Pacific Northwest, shoot me an email at adam@youthspecialties.com and I will try to make it happen. 

What about the rest of us? Starting tomorrow I'll start posting video from my trip. I'll be sharing the stories I'm hearing, my own thoughts, and probably some road trip mayhem along the way!

Youth Specialties

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