One Sermon Challenge

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February 18th, 2009

In this week’s podcast I briefly mentioned the One Sermon Challenge as something you should consider getting involved with in your youth ministry. Now I thought I would tell you a little bit more about the challenge itself. What it is At first glance, the One Sermon Challenge is something that might make pass on. First, the word sermon makes a lot of youth workers think this isn’t for them but for adults. And then, most of us don’t typically get involved involve in things that are interfaith. And yet I think that the need to get involved in ending global poverty and diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria is something that transcends all faith communities and belief systems and age groups. I believe that it is honoring to our Heavenly Father to get involved in any way we can, despite those two objections. I hope you feel the same. Check out this video to get acquainted with what One Sabbath and the One Sermon Challenge are all about: Two reasons I want you to be involved First, youth workers have a unique ability to speak truth into students lives and motivate them to action. As we’ve seen with students like Zach Hunter and Emma Sleeth, sometimes when a student latches onto a cause which God cares deeply about they can accomplish more with their energy and creativity than adults would ever dream possible. Imagine what could happen in our students latched onto ending global poverty and ending the spread of disease? Second, I know youth workers are powerful communicators of Biblical truth. When I look at the teachings currently submitted to the One Sermon Challenge , I see good stuff but I know that your audio, videos, or text would contribute significantly to the project. How do you get involved? This is the easy part. Head over to the One Sermon Challenge page on and submit your content. After they process it, it will appear on the page and people can check out your submission, make comments, etc. If you want to take it a step further (I highly recommend this) you could sign up your youth group for One Sabbath. We’ve even partnered with One to put together a youth group packet with all sorts of stuff to get you going and make this challenge a little easier.

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