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January 18th, 2011

I take advantage of living on the West Coast.

By the time I roll out of bed and flip through the mornings news, blog posts, and Twitter stream there is sometimes already a lively discussion going on that I can just join right into.

With Martin Luther King, Jr Day yesterday, I woke up to mountains of inspiration. Twitter was alive with quotes and links to video content.

All of them painted a picture of Dr. King as this insurmountable, once in a lifetime human figure. A person we look at as nearly a messiah. (A reverence I find both inspiring and terrifying simultaneously) 

That's why I was refreshed when I came across a blog post from YS author and PlanetWisdom speaker, Zach Hunter:

If you look at some of Shaun King' ‘s Twitter posts from this morning you’ll see just how ordinary Dr. King was. We tend to magnify him into some unreal, unreachable model of a man. Sometimes I think we do that to people to keep us from taking our own place in history. If they are these huge icons then we get a pass. If they are like us, we have a new standard.

My hope is that we would see ourselves stepping into the legacy of Dr. King and many others throughout history who said “yes” to opportunities in front of them to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with their God. It is easy to look at the problems in the world and see how big they are and to feel inadequate; to feel overwhelmed. Or to be angry and wonder why someone isn’t doing something! Or to think if I am able to do something to relieve suffering and bring justice it will be someday. I want to encourage you, YOU are the someone and TODAY is the day!

Dream big.

As I reflect on the impact of Dr. King, his ministry and leadership in the civil rights movement, I am continually inspired to keep going, keep dreaming, and keep cast vision for things which seem impossible today.

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