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June 15th, 2011

One day last week two blog posts came out on the same topic. Same topic, same day. It's enough to catch this bloggers attention. First, a video from Jonathan McKee of TheSource4YM


Next, a post from Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institute:


Maybe I should re-think that habit, says a new study analyzing media habits of families with children ages 3-10.  It encourages parents to participate WITH their kids in their technology use.

Interestingly, it also says that parents tend to think “other kids” are at risk for over-exposure to media, or exposure to toxic messages through the media.  But not their own kids.  By the way, that’s not unusual.  Parents tend to under-estimate their own kids’ risk behaviors.

These posts lead me to these two questions:

  1. As a parent, am I helping my children process the media they consume? My 7 year old will tell me about a toy he wants. When I ask about it he tells me in striking detail everything that's awesome about it from the commercial. How come he can remember all of that but can't seem to remember that he's supposed to put dirty clothes in the hamper? 
  2. As a youth worker, am I helping my students create a lens with which to view media through? We use media as a point of illustration all of the time. But are we teaching them the critical thinking skills to actually do that for themselves? 
Youth Specialties

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