Planet Wisdom Tour Kicks Off in Chicago

Youth Specialties
October 22nd, 2008

Last Friday Planet Wisdom kicked off their fall tour in Chicago. For many of the staff at Youth Specialties this was an opportunity to experience the tour for the first time. If you’ve been to some of the other large student events you’ll immediately notice some similarities and pleasant uniqueness. The first thing that makes Planet Wisdom unique is the size of the event. Nearly all of the tour stops are hosted by a local church. With 1500-3000 students per event they are large enough where you will feel like you are at a significant event while not at something so large that it loses an approachable feel. The second thing that is unique is the small number of people you’re students will be inundated with. There are basically three acts to the Planet Wisdom Tour. Mark Matlock is the presenter, The Skit Guys do drama, and Dutton leads worship. In many ways the event feels like a weekend retreat. The third thing that is unique is the amount of respect and time they give to the youth leader. Even though the event feels like a retreat, the schedule provides a ton of time for your group to be together to process things and have a great group experience. Likewise, at every step of the way the content of the event points students back to their local leadership.This is great because it validates you as a leader instead of leaves students looking for “expert help” from a speaker they won’t have instant access to when the event leaves town. With 12 tour dates left in this season, it’s not too late to register. Head over to Planet Wisdom and find a location near you.

Youth Specialties

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