Post (College) Graduation

Youth Specialties
August 21st, 2009

There is a movie out that I think hits some of the core issues college grads are faced with today: Search for work, search for love, and search for self. Those are the words the trailer of “Post Grad” uses to describe the journey. I’d say that’s pretty much dead on. I plan on watching this movie – from a student perspective. I doubt it’s a great movie (well, at least not my kind of movie), but I do think it hits some of the core issues the people we’re working with will soon face. Mainly, crushed dreams. I recently wrote an article about some discipleship concerns I see in this called, “Bachelor Degree: Passport to Privilege?” You can find that here. Here’s a brief highlight about it with some interviews (notice what Alexis Bledel says in her commentary). Below that is the official trailer. Again, I mention this movie because I think “Hollywood” is seeing the pressures of college-age life (in some ways better than the Church) – and even though it’s in theatrical form, they have articulated many deeply felt pressures.

Youth Specialties

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