Pregame Checklist

Youth Specialties
April 25th, 2018

Meeting nights are tough, right? So. Many. Details. Here’s a simple checklist that may help you prep for your next youth group.

  1. Am I prayed up? Have you prayed for your lesson? Have you prayed for your volunteers? Have you prayed for the teens who may (or may not) be coming?
  2. Am I fueled up? Have you had lunch and dinner? You need to take care of you. Make sure you eat, or at least, make sure you send someone to get you food. Better yet, order food for your team and have it ready for them before the meeting starts.
  3. Am I rested up? For some of us, stress comes out in sleeplessness. Did you sleep well last night? If not, do you have ten minutes for a powernap? It’s important.
  4. Am I studied up? Anything dangling that you need to study more about before you teach?
  5. Am I planned up? For your meeting, do you know what’s happening, and when? Does the team fully understand the plan, and the part they play in that plan?
  6. Am I prepped up? All your materials and supplies where they should be?
  7. What’s my post-meeting plan? Do you have someone who will encourage or celebrate the night with you? Better still, what is your plan to encourage or celebrate with your team? What is your plan for evaluating the evening’s successes and growth areas?

What would you add to this list?

Youth Specialties

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