Puppet Master Charades

June 8th, 2017


  • Note Cards
  • Egg Timer or Countdown Clock

Object of the Game

Players will be using their partner as a puppet to play charades, to get their team to guess the answer in the time allowed.

Set Up

Write down a variety of clues or go and purchase a pre-made charades/charades-like game.

Game Play

  • Divide the group up into 2 equal teams.
  • Explain the simple rule…
    • Partners will come to the front.
    • One person will stand behind the other and use them as a puppet to act out the assigned charade clue.
    • Their group will have only a certain amount of time (30-60 seconds- your choice) to correctly guess the clue.
  • Switch back and forth between teams.
  • Play as many rounds as you like and time allows.


  • Usual charades rules apply.
  • No speaking.
  • No acting out letter of numbers.

Hints and Tips

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