Quick and easy tips to engage parents and youth through volunteers

March 8th, 2017

It can be difficult to get parents and youth excited about church at the same time. Both have different needs and different expectations. One thing that pastors can do to improve this is to move their volunteers from the mindset of “consumer” to the mindset of an “owner.” A consumer is looking to go to church to serve themselves. An owner has already been served by the organization and now wants to shift the focus and serve others through the organization. Encouraging youth volunteers to think like owners can have huge benefits on the overall ministry.

Here are some practical ways to engage youth and parents:

Look good inside and out. Spend time with God before and shower too.

This means that you think about coming. You plan to engage with others- you serve yourself before you serve others.

Stand ready to engage.

Be shoulder to shoulder not face to face. Conversing shoulder to shoulder allows a guest to join the conversation. Creating a “conversation circle” closes off visitors.

You are the face of the organization.

When people talk about the organization- they are talking about those they interacted with more than anything else- facility, program, or otherwise.

Move a transaction into a relationship.

A simple question like “what time do I need to pick my student up?” can move from a transaction -or- sharing information to a relationship -or- friendship. How about answering the question and then adding “By the way, some of the parents meet for coffee during the service,” or “the best place to pick up is at the north side. Come find me next week and tell me if the traffic was lighter there.”

Greet everyone within 3 feet of you.

Everyone. Kids. Parents. Cool kids. Not cool kids. Make eye contact, smile and say their name.

Pay attention to announcements so you can answer questions.

If you ever think “THAT AINT RIGHT” Don’t just walk away- tell someone or fix it yourself.

This can be as small as an overflowing trashcan or as big as a leaking roof. Look up to God, out for each other, down for trash.

frank colarussoFrank Colarusso is striving to daily lay down his life and follow Christ. As recovering foodie, when he isn’t taking full advantage of creation at summer camp he can be found serving the church in Dallas, Texas. Follow him on Instagram at @SPEAKINGQUITEFRANKLY.


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