Random (useless!) POP Culture Trivia! Round 2

June 9th, 2009

randompopiconSo one night I couldn’t sleep. That’s when some of this random, useless pop culture trivia entered my head and kept me awake even longer. So I made a list. Seriously. In my phone there is a list of random things to use for this goofy series. So, here we go with round 2 of the exciting new game, Random (useless!) POP Culture Trivia! (I’m gonna keep it a little easy again this week so you get the hang of it. Then…prepare for the real challenge!) When my husband & I were first married, we lived in a tiny box of an apartment that was inside a barn. No, really. We had two windows in the living room, and the rest of the apartment was enclosed in the barn. Our bedroom was like a batcave, which came in really handy after youth group lock-ins (when we could sleep all day and not realize the sun was even out!). So although it was a barn, we were not allowed to have any pets. But we skirted the rules a little and got a hamster. She was a teddy bear hamster to be exact, and she was pretty cute. It wasn’t hard to decide on a name for her. We called her “Schmoopie.” What TV show did we get that name from? And for bonus bragging rights (because, remember, there are no physical prizes, only the pride of winning the challenge), what was the title of the episode where Schmoopie emerged? Enter the cheesy trivia music here. Good luck. First correct response wins big.


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