Random (Useless!) POP Culture Trivia

July 20th, 2009

randompopiconI’m back again with more trivia for those of you who, like me, absorb WAY more from music, movies, and TV shows than you’d really like to (or even like to admit!). So far the first guess on our first two trivia questions have been the correct answers, so I’m guessing that there’s something about the warped minds of youth workers that is connected to the useless information we get from pop culture. Just to make you feel a little better about your own trivia nerdiness, a little confession here: I’m finally at a point in my life where I DON’T feel the need to compare nearly every situation to an episode of Seinfeld or The Simpsons! (But really, just about every situation in life CAN be compared to one of those shows’ episodes…think about it!) So here’s the latest trivia Q for you, with a little back story, of course: In this movie, the main character is given a nickname in high school that really sticks (and is even chanted by the entire school, much to her embarrassment). My usage of this phrase has been passed along to our daughters, who use the phrase whenever they encounter something not so pleasant. So, in what movie is the main character branded with “Grossy Josie” as a nickname? Remember, the big winner gets the amazing prize of bragging rights until the next question is posted. How’s that for motivation??!


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