February 13th, 2010

We encountered Rudy in a field Hospital run by US-AID in Jimini, Dominican Republic that we stopped to visit on our way to Haiti on Friday. Rudy was working in a building in Port-au-Prince when the earthquake struck. He was trapped for about 10 minutes before he was freed. While he clearly survived, he broke his femur and required surgery.
We thought his choice of song was amazing. Rudy taught himself English by watching MTV, and we thought Redemption Song by Bob Marley was fitting for the situation. The woman next to Rudy is his girlfriend. Since they lost everything in the earthquake they have no idea where they will go or what they will do when he has healed.
This is a nation crying for redemption. Today we encountered many believers crying out to God for redemption. While the media has focused on the devastation a major spiritual revival has broken out in some areas. One pastor told us today, “Many young people have come to the Lord as a result of this earthquake.” 
It turns out there was more than the earth quaking on January 12th.  
— Adam McLane 

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