Retreat and Refill

January 24th, 2017

We run at full speed 90% of the year- non-profit staff needs to balance work, life, and ministry. It can wear a person out. Because our mission is massive and the hours we work are long, it is easy for us to lose focus and become unsteady. Fortunately, we can utilize a key to keep our team motivated and fixed.

We strive to accomplish a task larger than ourselves with a Power that comes from outside ourselves. And it’s that pivotal truth that encourages us to invite staff to take a retreat. How could we possibly continue to serve our Lord day in and day out without taking time to connect with Him? Each year we take a break from our undertakings and gather and are reminded of the “why” behind the “what” of our jobs. We give all glory to the One who can do more than we can ask or imagine.

The idea of a retreat isn’t a foreign concept to the staff at my organization. Our four retreat properties boast panoramic lake, mountain and river views. We host hundreds of retreats for other groups every year. Yet in the days before our own staff outing, we begin to see concern brewing. Everyone seems to worry how they will continue checking emails, tracking budgets and managing facilities. But this pressure beautifully melts away as we arrive at our selected retreat location, stroll past God’s stunning creation, and hear the first chord of Amazing Grace strike on a guitar. We are reminded that retreats are necessary to stay motivated.

You could probably guess that a paper cup will burn if it is placed in a campfire. But did you know that if you fill it with water the cup cannot burn? The fire will rage around it but the cup will be left intact. However, after some time in the fire, the water will begin to boil and evaporate, leaving the cup vulnerable. The cup is sure to burn if you don’t take the time to replace the water.

We are like the cup- defenseless to the trials we face daily. If we do not take the time to refill from the source, we are sure to scorch. This necessary spiritual renewal is the key reason we take the time to get away from the mess of ministry-work-life and connect with each other and our Lord through a retreat. Our day together is full of encouragement, equipping and processing. We have opportunities to foster new relationships and mend broken ones. We stop to assess where we are heading and realign our goals with what the Lord has for us. We do all this so we can better fulfill the mission.

We strongly encourage you to consider a staff retreat for your ministry team. January-March is a great, cost-effective time to sneak away… and simply retreat.

frank colarussoFrank Colarusso is striving to daily lay down his life and follow Christ. As recovering foodie, when he isn’t taking full advantage of creation at summer camp he can be found serving the church in Dallas, Texas. Follow him on Instagram at @SPEAKINGQUITEFRANKLY.


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