Review: Bebo Norman, Self Titled

January 11th, 2010

By Sean Wendell  Bebo Norman's seventh album is a self-titled effort, his second release with label BEC Recordings, and a record that focuses on new beginnings and rebuilding from brokenness.

Co-produced by Norman, Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp, the CD features heavy drums, distorted guitars and energetic bass lines – this album is almost a rock CD. You will still find acoustic guitar lines and other acoustic touches. Norman’s singing drives the CD delivering his lyrics in a way that touches your heart. There are a lot of surprises on the CD like “Ruins”, a song starts out with just acoustic guitar and his vocal then builds into an orchestral-like climax before ending with just the vocal and guitar. I like this CD a lot. God has shown me so many things through the lyrics while listening to it over the past few weeks.

One of the singles on the album, “focuses on what our culture says and does to young women these days,” explains Norman of his song “Britney”. This song touched my heart and has challenged me to pray for all those affected by the lies of society.

Britney I’m sorry for the stones we throw
We tear you down just so we can watch the show
Britney I’m sorry for the words we say
We point the finger as you fall from grace “

The single “Pull Me Out” is a personal story from Norman's own experience, about which he says, “I have silently walked the last four years or so with a building and recently diagnosed struggle with anxiety. The irony is that the struggle has been with the one thing I have always found comfort and consistency in – singing the songs that I so dearly love to sing. This song is about letting go of earthly things that drag me down and holding tightly to the things of heaven that pull me out.”

If you are a fan of Bebo Norman you will love this CD. If you haven’t heard his music before, try this album!


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