Review: Blessed Be Your Name – The Hits By Tree63

January 11th, 2010

By Sean Wendell Worship artist Tree63's newest album Blessed Be Your Name – The Hits delivers a true representation of the best-yet from their 10-year career. Featuring their chart-topping single “Blessed Be Your Name”, the track that pushed them the forefront of Christian Music and was honored as Billboard Magazine’s #1 most played Christian Song of the Year in 2004, this album includes also such Tree63 essentials “Look What You’ve Done,” “I Stand For You,” “All Over The World” and “Sunday.” 
The tracks selected for this CD flow well from the beginning to the end. Even though the songs span 10 years they all fit together well. They sound as if they all could have been recorded in the same studio on the same day. My favorite CDs are the ones you can enjoy track one right through to track twelve; Blessed Be Your Name – The Hits is one of those CDs. It is an album that will have it’s own playlist on my iPod.

Blessed Be Your Name – The Hits
 includes all the songs that a fan of Tree63 would expect to find on a Hits album. It is a perfect CD for someone who is wondering what Tree63 is all about. The songs give a clear picture of the bands sonic style and their passion for God, making it one of my favorite albums to sing at the top of my lungs to in the car (preferably with the sunroof open and the windows down)!  If I hadn’t been familiar with Tree63 before, I would be buying all of their music now after listening to this album, and it would make a key addition to any contemporary worship collection.


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