Review: Church Music By David Crowder Band

January 11th, 2010

By Patti Gibbons  Anticipation for the newest artistry from David Crowder Band has been building since the day the band stepped foot into the studio to begin making Church Music</i>, fueling the masses with active social media interaction throughout.  That anticipation does not go unrewarded, as Church Music, releasing today from sixstepsrecords, pushes forward once again the edges of contemporary rock worship music.


Featuring the distinct DCB eclectic electronic-meets-rock style, with driving vocals and memorable lyrics, Church Music gives plenty to appreciate and will take approximately 2 minutes to have you singing along and ignoring whatever else you were going to do.  This is a worship album that draws the listener into an experience, one which will be furthered through the Church Music Tour shows taking place in churches across the country.

Spanning 17 songs and 73 minutes, Church Music builds from begining to end on themes of joy in God's grace and holiness, through His love, and to our unending celebration of it.  In its production, Church Music's tracks move seamlessly from one to the next in both key and tempo, enhancing the experiential concept.  

However, each track is so solid on it's own, highlights are difficult to pluck from the whole. That said, “Alleluia, Sing”, “Shadows”, “How He Loves” and “Oh, Happiness” quickly became favorites to sing as I listened over a few weeks.  Sure to get you moving, the title track “Church Music – Dance[!]” , “We Are Loved”, and “THE NEARNESS” (one of the tracks featuring Lacey Moseley of Flyleaf on haunting backing vocals) can't fail.  Speaking of Flyeaf, one of Church Music's biggest surprises is DCB's cover of “All Around Me”, both in piano-accompanied contrast to the alternative-rock original and because it is without vocals from Moseley. 

Church Music is the latest quintessential Crowder music, and even though I wanted to resist that at first, I couldn't get to another conclusion. You want it for your collection, even if you've never owned a DCB record before. 


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