Review: Feeling For Bones By Bethany Pierce

January 11th, 2010

By Kristen McLane Feeling for Bones by Bethany Pierce introduces the reader to Olivia, a sixteen year old girl so consumed with inner struggles that her reality becomes distorted.  One way that Olivia tries to maintain control is by managing her weight.  Eventually Olivia discovers that she is anorexic.  Olivia’s eating disorder is woven through the story. But Feeling for Bones is much more than just a story about teenage girl with an eating disorder.  It is as much a story about healing.  Olivia eventually begins to heal through the help of her friends, family and finally through a powerful personal encounter with God. 

Feeling for Bones is an intelligently written novel that would appeal to teenage girls and adults alike.  In addition to addressing anorexia, the author does not shy away from touching on other contemporary issues like alcoholism, dating and sex.  The issue of hypocrisy in the church is also addressed.  Olivia, a pastor’s daughter, struggles with believing in the existence of God. 

I found Feeling for Bones to be original and relevant to students and youth workers.  This is the first novel from Bethany Pierce.  I look forward to more writings in the future.


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