Review: Helping our Children Grow in Faith

Youth Specialties
August 11th, 2010

Helping our Children Grow in Faith addresses an issue with which many of us in the church struggle: How can we nurture a faith in our children that they won’t outgrow?

In this book, author Robert J. Keeley writes about making sure children develop a ‘three dimensional faith’. He addresses our tendency to oversimplify the things of God, our need to always have the answers to children’s questions and our reliance on programs. At first, I got the impression he was making the point that children’s programs are unnecessary and ineffective. As I read further, I was pleased to find that Keeley’s point was that while programs can be very effective, they cannot be the only aspect of our ministry to children. He lays out the importance of mentoring relationships and integrating children into the life of the church.

While the concepts in the book might not be new to everyone, they are a good reminder of our responsibility to the children in our care. Keeley stresses that creating a deep faith in children is the job of the entire church, and not something that should be left to only those involved in the children’s ministry.

If you work in children’s ministry, this book is a great resource. While it may not tell you anything you don’t already know, it can be a valuable tool in speaking to church leadership about the importance of getting everyone involved in nurturing the faith of our children. If you have a senior pastor, elder board or church council that’s committed to making sure children are brought up in the faith, this would be a great book for them to read. It would also be a great resource to train your children’s ministry team.

While Helping Our Children Grow in Faith lays out concepts meant for people who are active in children’s ministry, any person who is a member of a local church could learn from the ideas in this book. 

Youth Specialties

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