Review: I Will Go By Starfield

January 11th, 2010

With their third studio release in six years, Starfield offers an album of driving, mission-focused worship.  I Will Go is strongly influenced by the band's move back home from Nashville, TN to Vancouver, BC, allowing them to get more deeply rooted in the worship life of their church, and gain all the support and accountability that brings.  This setting inspired songs for I Will Go that are accessible for corporate worship in contemporary and rock settings, yet won't disappoint in concert venues.

Several tracks on I Will Go, including “From the Corners of the Earth” and “All We Need”, are particularly on point with the album's missional theme; none more so than the title track.  Of the song “I Will Go” lead singer Tim Neufeld says that they intend it to “commission people to go out and do something, not to just give money to those in need, but time and energy.  That idea gives the worship song a different agenda.  “I Will Go” is a difficult song to sing and not act on.”
On I Will Go, Starfield continues to develop their soaring musical-style and their passion for praise in songs like “Reign in Us” (Oh great and mighty One/with one desire we come/that you will reign/that you will reign in us) and “Holy is our God”, “Great in All the Earth” and “Remain.” “All We Need” features ethereal lead guitar riffs by Jon Neufeld, and is the kind of song that will get concert-crowds fully engaged.  The brothers Neufeld also offer their unique harmonies on several tracks, including their remake of Hillsong United's “Hosanna” (one of only two songs the Neufeld's didn't write on this album).

Overall, those who have been following Starfield's career will certainly notice a more commercialized sound on the recording at first listen.  However, the lyrics and passion are unwavering.  Worship leaders and fans of rock worship music will find this an excellent addition to their collection.


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