Review: Love At The Core By Run Kid Run

January 11th, 2010

By Tim Gibbons  Riding the commercial success of their first studio album This is Who We Are(2006), Run Kid Run releases their latest, Love Aa the Core, on Tooth & Nail Records. Run Kid Run’s popularity came from their exposure in stores such as American Eagle and Hollister, where their catchy and pop-punk sound was quickly picked up;Love at the Core appeals to the same crowd.

The album’s stronger points include the songs “One in a Million”, “My Sweet Escape”, “The Emergency”, and “Rescue Me” which both speak of the true meaning of love in today’s society, love for others and for God. “The world often gives love a different meaning than what was originally intended,” says front man Neil Endicott. “On this record we set out to find what love really entails. Love at the Core just nails the point that, in all situations, the heart of love always has to do with God.”

The true meaning of love is the driving idea of the ten tracks on the album, appearing uniquely throughout each song. Unfortunately, the music behind the lyrics, while excellent for the first few tracks becomes monotonous later on. Consistency is a very good thing for up and coming musicians to master, but not to the point of the listeners not realizing that the next track has started.  Love at the Core just isn't a 'straight through' album, though the individual songs are fun on their own.

Love at the Core is filled with catchy riffs, good beats, and a strong message. The infectious pop-punk sound is a good lure to get the Godly message through to non-Christians while not beating them over the head with religion. Run Kid Run produces a solid effort for their sophomore release.


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