Review of the NIV True Images Bible for Teen Girls

September 13th, 2017

As a person that got baptized at age 11 and began to seriously follow Christ at age 24, I have gathered a not so small collection of Bibles. From various translations to different overall presentations, I think I own about 16 different Bibles presently. So when I had the opportunity to review this new Teen Girl study Bible from Zondervan, of course, I jumped on it. Then after I jumped on it, I kind of paused. I suddenly felt slightly overwhelmed by the task. I mean how much more can be said about the best seller of all times? And even if there is more to be said, who am I to say it? Welp, I had to move past those thoughts because I had already committed, and once I got started I realized that I was more than up to the task, so here goes! Please note that my focus is on the set-up and features and not the scriptural content. I think that I can safely say that we’ve already agreed on how amazing that is!

There are so many phenomenal features in the new NIV True Images Bible for Teen Girls and I am going to break down what each feature is and my thoughts on it.


I absolutely love the welcome page and how it gives some great tips for those that are familiar with the Bible. But even more so, I love the tips for those that are not familiar with the Bible and not even sure if they are with Christ.


The invitation is awesome and gives a great layout of all of the other features in the Bible and an explanation of the benefits.


Great general history of the how and why of the NIV version of the Bible as well as some good info on the footnotes and formatting.

Feature Contents

This awesome table of contents allows young ladies to quickly locate information and gain some Godly perspective on topics that are the most pressing for them at the moment.

At A Glance

The introductions that give basic information on each book of the Bible are extremely helpful with building general Bible knowledge and providing a general understanding of what’s going on in the book. The 3 Life Lessons and Unchanging Truth sections help young ladies to know what themes to look for while reading.

Dare To Believe

Awesome way to give some scope and clarity to readers. It helps them to know what to look for and to better understand what they are studying.

Love Notes

This is probably my personal favorite feature. It allows young ladies to really dive into God’s truth and to think about what He is saying directly to them through the word. Truly a great way to personalize the Bible reading experience.

Genuine Notes

These are quick blurbs on what true beauty beyond the physical is. It shows how this ancient story still applies to our modern lives.

Mirror Images

The Mirror Images profiles are really awesome because they make these women from the Bible more relatable to our present day lives. They highlight negative and positive traits of these ancient women and show how these traits can show up in our lives presently. My favorite part would be the short prayers that accompany each one. It makes it super easy for a young woman to connect with God in the moment in an honest and genuine way.

In Focus

These features help young women to understand that they are not alone in their struggle by getting a glimpse inside the lives of other young ladies that are facing similar challenges.


These quizzes are a cute and fun way to take some of the concepts and connect them to their real life. It also promotes a deeper understanding of some of the biblical concepts and how they apply to our present life.

Christianity 101

Perfect information for those that may not yet have a relationship with God or those at the start of their relationship with the Lord. It provides insight into what they believe and why and some great tips on how to move forward.

Beliefs 101

An amazing tool that tackles some important topics like, “Who is God?” “What is the Trinity?” and “Why should I go to church?”

Prayers from the Bible

This index helps young women find prayer examples from the scriptures on a variety of topics. It’s a lovely tool to help them learn to pray the Word of God.

Reading Plans

As most people grow in relationship with the Lord, many question how to go about studying his Word in a way that makes sense. These reading plans are an awesome resource for resolving that issue.

Prayer Log

Quite probably my other favorite part of this particular Bible. These pages allow young women to keep a record of the request that they are making to God and more importantly, keep a record of how He responds.

Overall I think that the NIV True Images Bible for Teen Girls is a phenomenal tool to help young women grow in their understanding of themselves, the way God sees them and their relationship with the Lord. It offers numerous features and tools that will enable any user to grow significantly in her understanding of what it means to be a young woman of God and how she can use this information to flourish in her relationship with Him! A definite new favorite in my arsenal of Bibles! I totally recommend it, not only for teen girls but for those of us that work with them!

Have you checked it out? What’s your favorite feature? Tell me what you think.

Kristin D. Hemingway is a Detroit native currently residing in Atlanta, GA. With over 12 years of youth ministry experience, she currently serves under-resourced middle and high school students in the metro area. She loves traveling and helping people to live a life that they absolutely love!


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