Review: Rock What You Got By Superchick

January 11th, 2010

By Andy Thompson In early 2001, a new band emerged onto the Christian music scene, singing about a One Girl Revolution and prophetically singing of a mysterious group of sisters known as “Barlow Girls.”  Over the next few years, the girls (and guys) of Superchick began showing up all over the place.  Think you heard them on MTV, Disney, or maybe behind a movie scene with Reese Witherspoon or Lindsay Lohan?  You weren't imagining things.  One of the first bands signed to (a then new) Christian record label, Inpop, Superchick (known then as Superchic[k]) hit the ground running.  Playing countless shows and putting out two albums in as many years, Superchick made a name for themselves early on in the game.  While many “new” acts were coming and going in Christian music, Superchick was just getting started.

While it has been 7 years since Superchick hit the scene, they've only gotten better with time.  Over that time, Superchick has either failed or refused to establish a niche sound for themselves.  Now, with the release of Rock What You Got, it seems as though they are continuing with that trend.  Right out of the gate, Superchick tips their proverbial hat towards the sound they first brought with Karaoke Superstars in the latest album's title track and wastes little time before shifting gears into the power-anthem “Alive.”  It's this one-two combo that makes up the musical meat of the entire album.  However, Rock What You Got is not without its heart-felt moments.  With songs like “Hold”, “One More”, and “Crawl (Carry Me Through)”, the listener is taken on a journey that is not unlike the lives of most anyone listening to the sound from Superchick's “bus.”

However, a bit of that sound will no doubt trip up some listeners.  Specifically “Hey Hey”, a song that could pass as the musical antonym of Marilyn Manson's hit “Beautiful People”.  While Manson's song talks of a rise against things like capitalism and religion, “Hey Hey” serves as call-to-arms for those who often fall victim to pop-culture and social oppression.  “Why kiss the feet of the people who kick you when you can be anything you want to?”, the song asks over swelling guitar riff and heavy distortion.  “Hey Hey” joins many other songs throughout Superchick's career that call for people to stand up and be what God intended them to be, free and individual instead of slaves to and clones of whatever society is demanding at any given moment.  This a trend that the band touches on again in “Cross the Line.”

With One Girl Revolution, Superchick set out to change the world with their music.  Thankfully, they've yet to lose sight of that vision after nearly 8 years and 6 albums.  And while Rock What You Got may not sound like the Superchick albums of the past, they do continue to change for the better.  That makes for an album worth rocking to again and again.


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