Review: The Glorious Revolution By Grey Holiday

January 11th, 2010


By Melissa Brown Grey Holiday rocks out and leaves listeners wanting more with their debut EP album, The Glorious Revolution. Within the span of six songs, the band shows they have what it takes to make great music including ballads, rock anthems and catchy songs while focusing on God with lyrics written from the heart. Co-written and produced by Jason Ingram (Rush of Fools ,Bebo Norman ) the album is permeated with honest lyrics especially on the anthem “Revolution”, which reflects and rants on the rat race that Americans encounter and the lives we feel we need to lead.


“Let Go”, the album's first single,  has already hit the radio waves challenging the listener to let go so God is “the one to life me up again as I let go” which is a theme that reaches into the song “Low”, which discusses “finding the purpose in the act of letting go”.  “Glorious”, the first song on the album, works through the stages of wanting to see God, then seeing the glorious and finally acknowledging who God is and that we’ll never be the same.


While the EP only gives us six songs, it has a special treat of an interview with Matt Minor (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Joshua Fenoglio (drums), Steven Bedingfield (guitars, electronics, programming) and R.T. Bodet (bass) the guys who make up Grey Holiday by Nigel from WKTY. Discussions about the meaning of the songs, history of the band, how they picked the bands name and their heart focus, including clips from their music are all included in the interview. The guys' years of friendship comes across through their stories and how they speak about each other. Plus there are a ton of extras including videos, songwriting journals, photos, and much more!

The Glorious Revolution launches Grey Holiday boldly into the world of Christian music as a band that is solid musically and spiritually.  Sure to be a hit with many, now is the perfect time to enjoy their music and get to know the band. 

To read more about the band, check out YMX's interview with Grey Holiday or visit them online at . 


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