Review: To Know That You’re Alive By Kutless

January 11th, 2010

By Tim Gibbons  To Know That You’re Alive, Kutless’ fifth album, is another solid effort from the Portland-based rock group. Kutless continues to blend their strong Christian message with hard rock riffs, making a unique sound that has something for everyone.

To Know that You’re Alivereturns to the hard rock roots of Kutless’ self-titled debut album (2002), with driving guitars and screaming lyrics on many of the tracks including “To Know that You’re Alive”, “The Disease & the Cure”, “Overcoming Me” and “The Rescue”. If you’re more of a fan of the contemporary Christian worship of “Sea of Faces” and the album Strong Tower (2005), Kutless has songs that will whet your appetite as well, with the premier worship songs on the album include “Complete”, “Guiding Me Home”, and “You”.

While this album recognizes that the majority of Kutless’ success comes from their worship songs this is not a worship-oriented album. Like their early albums, the songs are directed as fist pumping, anthem inducing rallies for Christians; in fact the first cut of the album, “The Feeling” is an anthem/mission statement for all believers on Earth: “There’s a greater meaning/ Behind the music that we’re bringing/ ‘Cause tonight we are singing/ And together we know”

To Know that You’re Alive shows the many ways Kutless has grown as a band and as believers. The lyricism on their latest album is the most mature I have ever seen from them; the same can be said for their musicianship. A worthy addition to any youth pastor, musician, or teen’s collection.


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