Review: When Angels And Serpents Dance By P.O.D.

January 11th, 2010

By Tim Gibbons  When Angels & Serpents Dance is the end product of fourteen years of musical experimentation by San Diego, CA-based P.O.D. The album encompasses the band’s hardcore/punk roots, the hip-hop style lyrics, and the reggae flavor that have marked their previous releases and made P.O.D a name with a solid, passionate fan base. The band’s sixth album follows up on multi-platinum releases The Fundamental Elements of Southtown and Satellite and shows the same evolution in style and high-energy that made those two albums hits.

When Angels & Serpents Dance features the band's reunited original line-up – Sonny (vocals), Wuv (drums), Traa (bass), and after a four year absence, Marcos (guitar) – and a return to some of their classic driving rock riffs.  Marcos' in your face style is evident on the first single “Addicted”, as well as songs “Kalifor-eye-a”, “God Forbid” and “When Angels and Serpents Dance”. Additionally, the album has a well-balanced feel for the more serious side of life with “It Can’t Rain Everyday”, “The End of the World” (featuring a gospel choir), and “Tell Me Why”.

When Angels and Serpents Dance features a unique blend of blues, classical, in addition to rock guitar. The song “Roman Empire” is a sort of pseudo-overture for many of the riffs featured in greater detail on the rest of the album. “Rise Against” features an epic blues-styled solo amongst the reggae-style cadence of the song.

P.O.D. writes yet another chapter with When Angels & Serpents Dance and they show no sign of slowing down soon. The album is a further expression of the band’s unique sound fourteen years in the making. This album should have a place in your collection.


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