Review: Your Girl By Vicki Courtney

January 11th, 2010

By Beth Hill Your Girl by Vicki Courtney touches on many topics that are important to teens and to their mothers.  There are articles and chapters on why a girl should dress modestly, including a guy’s perspective on that.   Another article consists of personal stories from girls who chose purity.  I really liked the article on embarrassment–how many of us remember times as a teen when we thought the world would end due to some embarrassment?  Its presentation would be really useful for small group discussion.  There’s also an article on abuse in dating relationships, a topic not discussed often enough in churches, I appreciate Vicki Courtney for including it in this book. The one drawback, however, is that this book is in magazine format, which I did not personally enjoy; but this book wasn’t written for adults, but rather for teen girls.  Even though I found the format distracting, my teenage daughters (12, 14, 16) loved it!  They especially enjoyed Your Girl’s quizzes, which are similar to those found in teen magazines.  This book also serves as a discussion starter for moms and daughters.  It could even be a part of a mother/daughter small group.

Your Girl is an excellent small group resource for a group of girls.  The articles are all timely and all address issues in a teen girls’ life.  It would be great if youth workers could get mothers and daughters talking about these topics.  Sometimes moms will talk about purity and dating, but they don’t always talk about issues such as self worth, the politics of the girl world, choosing a different path from everyone else, and why you can trust the Bible. 

Though I’m not crazy about the format as an adult, I think this is a very valuable resource for teen girls.  A teen girl would be much more likely to pick up a book written in article form than a long book that touches on some of these topics.  It’s a good marketing tool, but it’s also a very valuable ministry tool.  Handing this book out to moms and daughters during a parent meeting and offering a small group for either teens and their moms or separate groups equipping the teens to address these topics, and a group for moms to get comfortable talking about these topics would make for a wonderful family ministry. 


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