Review: You’re Next By Greg Stier

January 11th, 2010

by Brian Ford Theology–it literally means the “study of the Word of God.”  But what happens when you mention the word theology around your youth ministry? Do your students and leaders cringe or sigh hoping you’re not going to make them study something they think is from “old school scholars” or is meant for seminary students?  Let’s face it, as youth workers we don’t have all the answers to the Bible. We’ll spend hours researching websites, pouring over the books on our shelf, and compiling notes. Then we spend hours trying to figure out how we’re going to make it relevant for our teens. Greg Stier, founder, president and CEO of Dare2Share has poured his life into studying and preaching the Word of God. And his latest book, You’re Next is evidence of God working in and through Stier as he passionately seeks to equip teenagers and youth workers to know, live, share and own their faith.  In his opening chapter he lays the ground work for his book; “This book contains the story of my life, but ultimately it’s not about me. It’s a theology book that explains the core truths of Christianity in a relevant and fun way. But it’s not just a theology book. The reason it’s called You’re Next is because I want this book to impact your own life story. As you read how God forged and formed my theology in real-life situations, my passionate prayer is that you allow God to do the same in you and through you.” Stier’s life story is a tremendous testimony. It will make you laugh and at times want to cry, but more importantly his latest book will answer those mind twisting questions that every teenager is asking about the Bible, God, Jesus and Hell.

Each chapter of his book is designed to answer questions about Christianity by tying in his own life story with what he calls the “The Big Q” , for example,“Who is God?” From there Stier explains why that particular truth is relevant in our life. And he concludes each chapter with a bible passage and thought provoking questions to help us understand and apply it to our life. Theology may be a fancy sounding word, but bring it down to its simple definition and it means “the study of the Word of God.” I was blown away as his book was convicting and practical to my own life and relationship with Jesus Christ, and reminded me that God’s Word is not too complex to understand and live out in my daily life. As well it has helped me to become a better teacher of the Word.

Though the book is centered on reaching teens, there is no doubt everyone can and will be challenged to discover who they are in Christ and gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Teens today are seeking answers to basic questions about Christianity. Stier has taken thirty core biblical truths and has made it simple for us to understand, live and know. You’re Next will not only transform the lives of your teenagers and parents, but you as well.

For more information on Greg Stier's book “You're Next” visit www.dare2share.org


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